Journey towards Self Discovery


Parenting is a journey of realizations, learnings, discovering a lot of things that hold you responsible and in charge of the upbringing of our future generation. Did you know how much impact we as parents subconsciously make? The mindset that focuses on positivity, growth, and opportunities give birth to confident and independent individuals.

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Personality Development

Did you ever realize how much of an influence our thoughts have on our actions. The moment you stop looking at the challenges as roadblocks and embrace them to learn and grow will help you discover a newer and a stronger version of yourself. We are here to help you with the content that can help you build stronger mindset to success and growth in life.

The more you praise and celebrate your LIFE, the more there is in LIFE to celebrate.                                                                                              – OprahWinfrey


Embrace your Journey!!

Hi there, I'm Neethu Singh based out of Hyderabad, India. I'm a happily married woman with a 2.5-year-old toddler. I'm professionally a Digital Marketing Expert who helps businesses with their advertising presence on Google and have about a decade of experience with different industries. Digital Deepak is my mentor who has helped me reach where I'm professionally. I'm so privileged to be learning from one of the industry leaders. I have always believed in giving back to people in different ways possible. This blog is an attempt to reach a larger group of audiences and serve them better.This blog is an open book to my experiences, my ideas, and my learnings from different aspects of life. It is all to do with an outlook one could have towards life to see better things coming their way. With understanding, I have about how the mindset of an individual can shape their lives and how it has an important role to play in every aspect of life. I take this platform as an opportunity to impart my learnings and experiences to visitors.You can check out this space to explore more about parenting, child psychology, mindset to success, and personality development. While there is a lot of emphasis given on the physical development of a child little do we know the kind of impact we are making to them unconsciously. You would learn the different ways to program your mind to look at life and situations which could lead to promising results.Happy Exploring!!!