Steps to identify your Passion and convert that into a Career

Have you always felt you were not doing what you feel you might be good at? Did you ever feel that you are stuck at a point in your career and life that taking some strong decisions can have its own share of repercussions?

Well, this blog is for anyone who would want to identify their passion and take the road less traveled, and finally, get to their true calling. If you have already tried to identify your passion but felt confused then this blog can give you some clarity on what needs to be considered before you land a solution.

Did you ever get these thoughts of why is it so difficult to know what would I want to do? Why I’m struggling to find my passion. This blog can give you guidelines on how to find your passion step by step, now it entirely depends on you on how you use this direction to analyze, interpret, decode, and utilize it. We have always known that passion has a direct relation with what we deeply feel connected by the heart. I’m going to give a scientific touch to it by adding some logic that you can sell it to your brain and that can clear half the roadblocks in the journey of discovery.

I have come across people who are doing extremely well in their career with some hefty take-home monthly. However, they constantly crib about not being satisfied nor happy with the job they are into. They have always thought they were good at a few things that derived joy and pleasure, However could never take a step forward to identify their career in their passion. These are the people who love to crib and not take any action thereby getting back to the routine every Monday.

While I have also heard stories of people who have been extremely successful in their current occupation and have found passion about a completely different thing and have dared to take action in this direction to pursue satisfaction and happiness. I have met an orthopedic doctor who is a famous wedding photographer now. I have also met an IITian who is a Mountaineer and a travel blogger now. I did meet a woman who pursued her passion for building a cooking website at the age of 50 and is quite famous for her food recipes. 

If you feel it’s already too late to pursue your passion you are wrong. Before I solve the mystery of “How to find your passion?” I would want you not to feel it’s too late or left alone if you are in your 40’s or 50’s. Everyone has a journey of their own and what finally matters is you realizing and working upon your passion which defines the true purpose of your life.

If you feel you are in a struggle to find what you are good at and this journey is feeling like hell. I would say go for it. Yes, you heard that right “Go through hell” but do not stop. When you stop you are stagnant and no one has grown from this state. If you feel you are bored, lost, and confused, let me tell you that it is a good state to be in. Every successful person bypasses the phase of confusion and then gets to clarity. You might want to constantly keep walking, looking out for answers, and having the guts to implement them.

Let’s get into the steps to identify what could be our passion. Caution – I can not guarantee you will find your passion in the first go, while trying to find answers you might end up choosing things which you feel you are good at, However after implementing you feel otherwise. The process of finding your true passion can take you a few attempts, but it’s all worth the time and effort as this will shape the new you and opens avenues multifold to what you might be currently engaged in.

Elimination Process:

Alright, first we would make a list of things we don’t incline towards. Eliminating them makes your life easy to get closer to what you might be passionate about. For Example, I always knew I’m pathetic with coding hence a software programmer is definitely not something I could excel in. After you know and are very clear of what doesn’t interest you, now think back of time right from childhood and list out things that you really liked. It could be anything like painting, crafting, baking, interior designing, playing football, connecting with friends, video games, reading novels, speaking skills, loving a subject like Maths or physics. And when you kind of write them down and run through your memory lane you might have realized that there have been points in life where you were very keen about doing something as that was the best you felt you should be doing and there has been an inclination too. Where I’m right now a Digital Marketing Expert this was not something I thought I would be interested in. In fact, when I was a child I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant, and then as time progressed I thought Engineering is a smart choice and I finally landed into commerce. What I really love about my journey is that I have started exploring and learning right from a young age while my friends have been solely dedicated to study and get through graduation. I have started my career as a US IT Recruiter and then shifted to Technical Support for an HP post which I have been in customer service operations. Then I felt the need to do an MBA and landed a Debt Research Analyst job for a financial company and then working there for 4 years I felt I did not want to do this. 

And then finally I landed into the world of Digital Marketing and I must say I feel totally connected and see myself to be a great fit for this industry. I was always taught by my parents that Marketing and Sales are difficult and they are typically not for women. Hello! Their interpretation of Marketing and sales was door to door sales and they did realize no business can survive without Marketing & Sales. Imagine if you have skills that can complement this section of operations and you enjoy what you do, you end up being a super value addition to any team or company you work for or may have your company going forward.

Bottom line what I’m intending to say you might get attracted to a lot of things like someone with painting skills can feel inclined towards any form of art while your forte could be painting with oil paints. If you have a particular skill set and you employ that in the wrong place you’ll end up not feeling satisfied with what you do and that impacts your ability to deliver more as there is no drive within. It is like you know how to play Guitar while you have a flute available, Can you do justice?

Do some Research:

Now after you have made a list of things that you are inclined to. It is time to dig deep and understand what aspect drew your attention. Since you already have made a list of things you liked doing right from childhood, I want you to deep dive and know what you truly enjoyed. Like if I liked Mathematics as a student, I loved doing Trigonometry. This chapter was my favorite. 

If you are someone who felt you hated college and have just passed 3-4 years in pursuing something that is of 0 interest right now. Think about things you liked doing when you went to college outside the 4 walls. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people from other departments, collaborating with them for events, and also doing some counseling for relationship issues within friends. And I would say this is more to do with the communication and counseling skills and that had nothing to do with my area of specialization. 

Even at this stage if you find something in your list that needs to be eliminated, Go ahead and tick that off. 

Now that you have the list ready. It is time to do some hardcore research and it is going to consume some time and effort. It is very important to know what are the different career options available for your list of interests. Consider upskilling yourself by acquiring a skill required to position yourself better. Try and connect with people who are already a part of this industry and get their opinion and understanding. While you do this research don’t rely on Google and its ranking, you might want to dig deep and find the right resources. Google ranks web pages based on the SEO of the website.

Giving your heart all the information required, your brain will give you the right answer. Understanding and analyzing the possible money you could make out of the career of your favorite things is important. As money is not incidental, we got to pay our bills and that’s the reality.

Align your research with your current state:

Now that you have armed with the knowledge and have got enough understanding of the list of things which you feel you are passionate about. You have to start ranking them and identify the one which stands at the top of the list and don’t be surprised if you look at a few options from a totally different perspective now. That’s fine and that’s the whole idea of research, it gives you clarity and empowers you with information that can help you make a decision.

Now you need to identify the gaps between who you are now and who you aspire to be? It is important to ask these important questions yourself:

1) What skills do I lack right now to be my future version?

2) Can I acquire these skills on my own or do I need some training?

3) In case you need training, where do I find people who can train me?

Do not take these easily,otherwise, it will defeat the whole purpose of identifying the gaps to work on. Now the journey towards “How to find your passion and make a career out of it? Needs you to do some good planning.

You might never come across a successful person who has reached milestones in life without having a proper plan in place. Even the most intelligent or a genius who needs to have a cut out on how are they going to accomplish this.

As Warren Buffet rightly said “ An IDIOT with a PLAN can BEAT a GENIUS without a PLAN”

Testing the waters in the market:

I know even after all this you might be confused about which one to go by based on your passion and priorities. This is the last step that will get us closer to reality. You need to understand the market for your skill and see if there is a demand or for that matter if you are able to get recognized by getting some work that can monetarily benefit you.

While before you get into testing your skills in the market. I would like to introduce you to the concept of passion trap. Just because you feel you are good at a certain thing might not be that you are actually good at it. Sometimes a few of us are erroneous about a particular thing and feel we are great at it while that might not be the case. I have encountered one of my friends who was a high paying investment banker and had this passion for photography, but when i look at his work it was below average as per market. Hence a few of us end up presuming things.

Hence it is a suggestion NOT to take the advice of your family and friends of what you are good at, sometimes they do not understand the technicalities of your industry or they just would like to be sweet and nice to you. So who can answer you if your passion is an imaginary trap or skill that can be transformed into something colossal? Only the market will answer you right no one else.

You have already ranked choices as per your preferences and priorities. We have later added our skills and abilities to them. Now we need to match the passion with the market demand. And test out our skills in the market.

Knowing your passion is one thing while getting exceptional at it is another. You are not alone in this journey. You might end up finding it daunting to uncover this all alone. It is important you have a mentor who can possibly give you directions of what you should be working on and is able to identify and honor your strengths. It is amazing if you could request someone from the same industry who could mentor you and guide you on this journey.

While it is very tough to find a mentor who can be a guiding light, you are a lucky one if you are able to gain their confidence and serve them every way possible to get the right assistance. This post is an attempt to show you the hard work it takes to become what you love. While it is not easy, it is definitely worth it. Clarity will never come to you. Just keep taking those committed decisions and see through them.

Life is a journey, all the decisions you take may not lead you to THE place, but can definitely be the stepping stones to get you closer. While making some revisions and taking some more steps will lead you to THE place and the rest all are just parking arrangements. All the best for your journey ahead.

Do let me know what you feel about this post. Has it given you some clarity on how to start this process?

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